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The luxury way to Canary Island

Luxury Travel Canary Islands history stretches back to 2005, when two of the Canary Islands luxury travel pioneers recognized a gap in the market for a travel company that offered only the finest hotels and first-class client service, delivered by professional employees passionated about travel, set about creating Elegant Resorts. With their sights firmly set on the upper end of the market, the vision of the company was to include only those hotels, villas, resorts and other services that could be said to deliver a genuinely luxurious experience. This was complemented by partnering with major services of luxury cars, jets, yachts to ensure that the experience of travelling came up to the standard of the rest of the holiday.


Our destination

We love Canary Islands and know it secret place, where best to see its natural beauty, its history and culture. We have access to the most exclusive hotels and luxurious dwelling, all designed by renowned the local architect. We can put you in touch with the finest restaurants, the best place to eat local and international specialities, the bars and clubs. We want to introduce you to the magical beaches, to nature´s special places, tenerife´s hippie and eco market, and to the best shopping experiences, the fashion that Canary Islands is famous for. We can provide you with a brochure showing the extensive accommodation we offer and some question to answer to help us make an accurate assessment of your need so we can give you the experience of a lifetime.

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