Tenerife at Christmas: tips for an unforgettable vacation

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The winter months can bring unforgiving weather conditions, a huge drop in temperature and a somber mood after the glorious summer season. How can you recapture that summertime bliss? Is there any way to enjoy a Christmas break in the sun and escape the cold bite of winter?

Tenerife provides that exact opportunity. This prime destination in the center of the Canary Islands chain boasts year-round warm temperatures, beautiful volcanic landscapes, and many first class resorts.

Christmas abroad can be a potentially disastrous experience, but Tenerife promises to offer the perfect winter vacation and it is easy to see why so many people travel here at this time of year. To ensure you get the most out of Tenerife at Christmas, you should be well prepared and understand exactly what the island has to offer.

What makes Tenerife the ideal Christmas location?

Tenerife is a prime destination for a Christmas getaway. But what makes this destination in the Canary Islands such a fantastic place during the winter months? The list below highlights some of the reasons that Tenerife is a true winter gem and the perfect location for a Christmas vacation:

  • Average temperatures of 17-20 degrees even in December
  • Pristine golden beaches
  • Fantastic nightlife and local amenities
  • A great combination of Sun and Snow
  • Wide variety of Christmas parties and festivals
  • Plenty of Christmas cheer, lights and decorations

ltci-cta-blog-postAs you can see, Tenerife has so much to offer and although you might think that planning a vacation in a sub-tropical climate will take away the Christmas cheer, you couldn’t be more wrong; the Islands inhabitants love the Christmas period and you can have the best of both worlds here and enjoy Christmas festivities in the sun.

The winter temperatures of Tenerife and the Canary Islands really do provide the perfect opportunity to get that last bit of sunbathing in before the end of the year and escape the cold months of regions with temperate climates.

While the temperatures may not be scorching hot, you will still be able to comfortably relax on the amazing golden beaches and wear summer clothes.
Furthermore, the island understands the importance of Christmas and you will encounter many bright decorations, lively festivals and shows, and lots of charming nativity displays. Also if you want, many of the resorts, cafes and restaurants will provide a traditional Christmas dinner!


How to make the most of your Christmas vacation?

Christmas in Tenerife is a wonderful experience but there are some important tips to ensure that you do not miss out on the fun and that you make the most of your vacation:

Attend a Christmas Eve party

Many bars will host a Christmas Eve party, especially in the popular tourist locations like Playa de las Americas.

To enjoy the Christmas spirit and have a blast before the big day, ensure you set off early in the afternoon to the tourist locations. Most parties will start early in the evening.

 Play in the snow surrounding Mount Teide

In the winter months, Mount Teide will often have a glorious covering of snow. The locals will take this opportunity to head up to the mountain and let their hair down.

To experience some true Christmas spirit, join the locals and enjoy an afternoon of building snowmen, snowball fights, and sledding.

Enjoy a slice of Turron

Turron is a Spanish treat that is made exclusively for Christmas. This delicious cake is truly divine and the taste and texture is wonderful.

During the winter months, you will see Turron appears in the shops and restaurants and you simply cannot pass up the chance to have a slice and a cup of coffee.

Take part if the Los Reyes Magos festivities

This traditional Christmas festival is celebrated widely in Tenerife and you can guarantee to find a parade in most of the towns. This magical festivity celebrates the arrival of the Three Kings and it is amazing to see children exchanging gifts and the whole island getting into the Christmas spirit.

Visit the beach on Christmas day

What could be more fun and bizarre than spending some time on one of Tenerife’s sublime golden beaches on Christmas day? There is something surreal about lying on the beach in the middle of winter and enjoying some Christmas festivities.

Come to enjoy your Christmas vacation in Tenerife

As you can see there are some fantastic opportunities to truly enjoy your Christmas vacation in Tenerife. This stunning Island in the Canaries will provide you with a memorable getaway and a vacation that will live with you for a lifetime.
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