Luxury holidays with kids: how to plan a foolproof vacation

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Planning a vacation for your family can be tiring —there are so many considerations and so many eventualities that have to be thought of. Taking your family on a luxury vacation doesn’t have to be stressful, though— choosing the right location and resort can mean you can enjoy a comfortable and relaxing break that also provides your kids with a plethora of fun-filled activities.

The list below details some aspects of planning that you should take into account when formulating your fantastic family vacation.

Choose a family friendly resort

One of the most important considerations is finding a resort or villa that is family friendly and geared towards children. Unfortunately not every hotel will cater for kids and although some may not specify if they are or not, it is always a good idea to check beforehand.

There is nothing worse than staying at a hotel that isn’t set up for children. You not want to feel like a burden, and you want to ensure your kids have a fun time without worrying about upsetting the other guests.

There are many luxury resorts that cater specifically for children and you will find these places have some fantastic facilities and also first class activity programs run by enthusiastic and well-trained members of staff.

Choose a room with ample space

Once you have found a suitable resort, you should then check out the actual accommodation. Do the rooms provide ample space for your family? Is there any living space or just sleeping facilities and a bathroom? When on vacation with your family and children, it is important to have enough space.

Trying to organize your family in a cramped space can be stressful. Bodies get in the way, arguments can start, and people will easily get hot and bothered. Many luxury resorts that are geared towards children will have suites that are designed with space in mind. The children’s beds may be in a separate part of the accommodation, and there may be a large living space where your family can comfortably spread out and prepare for the day ahead.


What children facilities does the resort have?

Although the resort you have chosen may be family friendly, this doesn’t necessarily mean that it has specific facilities for children to enjoy.

To ensure that your kids are not bored, it is advisable to choose a resort that has things for your kids to do. Does the resort have a sports complex? (Table tennis, tennis, basketball etc) Does it have a children’s swimming pool with slides etc? Is there a playground or activity center?

Aside from these important attractions, you should also check if the resort has a dedicated daytime program for younger children. Many highly rated hotels will have dedicated staff that runs a kids club where your children can get involved and have a great time doing supervised activities.

This is a great way to let your children mingle with kids of their own age, and also allow you to have some important relaxation time.


Consider the airport transfer time

How far is your hotel or villa from the airport? What is the transferal time to get from the airport to the resort? Is the mode of transport air-conditioned? Children generally do not enjoy long car or coach journeys. They can become easily frustrated, agitated and restless and it is hard to expect your kids to sit still for prolonged periods of time.

Consider choosing a luxury resort that is closer to the airport to minimize the transfer time  or too close, though. You don’t want to contend with the noise from planes every day.

Failing that, consider upgrading to a personal transfer that provides your family with more space and comfort.

Are there any day trips or nearby attractions?

A resort can offer a huge variety of activities for your kids, especially luxury resorts that are geared towards children. However, no matter how many activities there are, it is always prudent to scout out the local area and see what attractions there are.

Water parks and beaches are prime examples and if you can, choose somewhere that will allow you to give your kids a change of scenery for at least one day. There you have it, a fool-proof list of family vacation considerations.
If you want to gain from your holiday, you cannot go wrong with a luxury package. The quality of the resort, and attention to detail for your children really will be second to none.


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