What is the best Canary Island for couples?

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The Canary Islands are a truly magnificent place for vacations –The beautiful golden beaches, the crystal clear waters, and the well-developed tourist sector creates the perfect place to relax and leave all the stress behind. If you are looking for a romantic getaway as a couple, this Island chain in the Atlantic is a true haven, however, some of the islands are more suited towards adult vacations than others. Out of the seven populated islands, Tenerife is considered to be the best Canary Island for couples. So what makes the most populous island of the Canary Islands and Spain so attractive to those looking for a romantic getaway?

Built for romance

The landscape, formation, and layout of Tenerife are perfect for couples. With fantastic volcanic vistas, stretches of picture perfect golden beaches and water that is both warm and inviting, you could not find a more beautiful location. Furthermore, there are many secluded resorts that are nestled in charming regions away from the busy tourist areas if you are looking for a quiet romantic vacation.

A perfect climate

Weather can be a huge contributing factor to an enjoyable romantic retreat. Lying on a beach with the rain beating down on your head and the wind howling around you is not exactly a good mood setter! Lying on a beach with the sun beaming down on your body, and a gentle sea breeze blowing, however, is bliss.

This is what the best Canary Island for couples can offer. With average mean temperatures that do not drop below 21°C even in the winter months, you are guaranteed a vast amount of sun and warmth. During the summer months, temperatures will generally not fall below 27.0°C. Furthermore, annual precipitation is low; therefore the possibility of rain will be slim.

As you can see, this almost tropical climate will provide the perfect backdrop for your couple’s vacation. Sunshine and clear skies make a whole world of difference, and Tenerife has both in abundance. Aside from the enjoyment, the sunshine is also beneficial for your well-being and a trip to Tenerife is sure to leave you feeling highly rejuvenated.

Some of the premier luxury couples tours

Whilst relaxing on the beach with a cool glass of wine is the ideal tonic for many couples, some may also want to make some fond memories. Tenerife has an immense range of activities geared towards couples and an exclusive array of romantic tours. These packages will help you create some extremely memorable moments together, and see what the best Canary Island for couples has to offer.


Romantic Sailing

What could be more romantic than boarding a luxury yacht and immersing yourself in the stunning coastal scenery of Tenerife? During this tour you can engage in water sports if you wish, or simply sit back, have a glass of champagne, and a light bite from the Italian buffet. Whatever you choose, this excursion is sure to provide a sparkle. Ask for more information and enjoy a romantic trip in the best Canary Island for couples.

A walk within history and wine

Wine is the accompaniment for romance. Tenerife has some world renowned wineries. Why not take advantage of this and enjoy a tour of one such establishment combined with a visit to the UNESCO World Heritage site of San Cristobal de la Laguna. You will enjoy strolling through the grounds of the winery, and admiring the delightful paved streets and medieval architecture of San Cristobal. Book your experience!

Diamond Experience

This experience is the definition of romance. Start your day with a relaxing session at the high-quality Spa Bahia del Dugue in the best Canary Island for couples. Treat your body and participate in a plethora of restorative and pampering activities. Afterward, taste a romantic meal for two at the El Mirador Romantico. At this establishment, you can take in the unbelievable views across to La Gomera and see the fantastic sunset. Enjoy a sublime diamond trip!

It is clear that Tenerife really is the best Canary Island for couples. While other islands such as Gran Canaria and Fuerteventura do offer opportunities for a romantic retreat; Tenerife really does surpass them both and cannot be beaten for its sheer beauty, accessibility, and range of romantic activities.

Plan your trip

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